Academy – from practice for practice

More complex markets, more regulation. There's no doubt about it: If you want to provide good advice for investors, you need a lot of knowledge. The Flossbach von Storch Academy provides this knowledge – which is practical and based on research.

Knowledge is becoming increasingly important in the financial sector. The financial markets are becoming more complex and the MiFID II regulation has led to strict requirements for professionals. For these reasons, the Flossbach von Storch Academy has been dedicated to training financial advisors, agents, and employees of asset management companies, banks and other financial service providers since 2017, based on the concept "From practice for practice". Experienced lecturers provide an exciting combination of practical knowledge and theoretical insights in in-depth courses and day seminars.

Seminars provide hands-on expertise...

The seminars provide expertise on topics such as MiFID II, company valuations, risk analysis and portfolio management to help participants to understand and communicate capital market events to clients and business partners. They also provide insights into the thinking and investment approach of Flossbach von Storch.


...and research findings

The Academy has been under the patronage of the independent Flossbach von Storch Research Institute since its inception. Its research focuses on economic and business topics, as well as issues about the behaviour of the financial markets. This knowledge also flows into the Academy's activities, ensuring that the Flossbach von Storch Academy seminars offer a unique insight into the investment landscape based on practical knowledge and the latest research findings.