Preserving private assets – and using opportunities

Flossbach von Storch has been managing private assets for 20 years. Personal contact and individual client goals are our highest priority. The aim of our private asset management is to preserve and increase client assets.

Your wealth is our motivation

Flossbach von Storch has been managing high-value assets for 20 years. Private asset management is the nucleus of our company, which currently manages capital assets totalling about EUR 70 billion. We are passionate about the successful investment of your assets.

When taking on this challenge, we always comply with your wishes. Our work with clients is based on their individual situation – previous investment experience, risk aversion and financial circumstances.

Developing mutual understanding

One of the basic goals of our advisors is to develop a common understanding of the appropriate investment strategy. Is the preservation of the assets a priority? Or should the focus be on longer-term growth? We try to find individual solutions that are tailored to your personal needs.


Trust is crucial

Trust is crucial for us. A personal account manager will be at your service for the duration of our business relationship. They will assist you in the initial discussions to prepare a mandate, when setting up a mandate and – this is particularly important to us – will continue to assist you in the future.

Regular discussions

Regular discussions with you are especially important to us, whether by phone or in a face-to-face meeting. We value a long-term relationship of trust and attach the utmost importance to offering personal, ongoing support.


Transparent information

We place great importance on providing regular, personalised information. Our aim is to provide a transparent and understandable review of your assets. You should be able to see which assets have developed particularly well in your personal portfolio - and which ones have not. And to see how we respond to challenging developments in the financial markets.

Thinking and investing in the long term

Investors should have patience, confidence and a long-term investment horizon. Our investments are not made for a period of six months. Because stock exchange sentiment and associated price fluctuations are too unpredictable over the short-term, making investment outcomes random. In our view, investors therefore simply have to accept these temporary price fluctuations in order to conserve their capital and achieve attractive long-term returns.

We offer private clients, and their foundations and companies with liquid assets of more than EUR 1 million, the option of working together directly to manage an asset portfolio. In the case of investment volumes of less than EUR 2.5 million, we are very happy to provide administrative assistance when purchasing Flossbach von Storch funds. We look forward to hearing from you!