NameISINWKNShare class currencyIncome utilisation
Flossbach von Storch SICAV - Multiple Opportunities ILU0945408952A1W0MNEURDistribution
Flossbach von Storch - Multiple Opportunities II I2LU0952573300A1W17XEURDistribution
Flossbach von Storch - Multi Asset - Defensive ILU0323577840A0M43TEURDistribution
Flossbach von Storch - Multi Asset - Balanced I2LU0323578061A0M43VEURDistribution
Flossbach von Storch - Multi Asset - Growth ILU0323578228A0M43XEURDistribution
Flossbach von Storch - Der erste Schritt ILU0952573052A1W17VEURDistribution
² Currency hedging in another share class of the same sub-fund took place, which could have an influence on the share classes shown here.
* incl. max. issue surcharge
* incl. max. issue surcharge