Flossbach von Storch - Dividend - HT

Flossbach von Storch - Dividend is a globally diversified equity fund with an active investment approach. The focus is on first-class companies with an attractive dividend profile. What is important here is not only the dividend yield, but above all dividend security and dividend growth potential. When selecting individual securities, the fund management relies on in-house analytical tools and valuation models. Furthermore, the investment strategy includes ESG integration, engagement and voting. In addition, exclusion criteria defined as part of the Sub-Fund's investment policy are taken into account. At least 75 per cent of the Fund's assets are invested directly in equities. In addition, the Fund may invest in share certificates and share index certificates as well as bonds, time deposits and target funds. The Sub-Fund is actively managed and not benchmarked against an index. The portfolio is composed by the fund manager exclusively in accordance with the criteria defined in the investment policy, reviewed regularly and adjusted if necessary. The Sub-Fund is classified as an Article 8 product within the meaning of the Disclosure Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 (SFDR).

Authorised for distribution:AT, BE, CH, DE, LI, LU
Fund type / legal structure:UCITS / FCP
SFDR Classification:Article 8
Fund currency:EUR
Launch date:20 September 2022
Financial year end:30 September
Income utilisation:Accumulating
Management company:Flossbach von Storch Invest S.A.
Custodian bank / Paying agent:DZ PRIVATBANK S.A.
Manager:Flossbach von Storch AG
Data from:3 October 2022
Fund assets:694.158.484,29 EUR
NIW:94.62 EUR
Redemption price:94.62 EUR
Ongoing charges:0.98%
which includes a management fee of:0.88%
Performance fee:
Issue surcharge:0.00%
Exchange commission:0.00% (based on the unit value of the units to be purchased for the benefit of the relevant distributor)

* incl. max. issue surcharge 0.00%

Source: Custodian bank / Paying agent

In accordance with regulatory requirements, we are not permitted to provide performance figures for this fund, as it has been active for less than a year.

Historic Prices

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  • These funds aim to exploit growth opportunities on global equity markets.
  • Investing in assets denominated in a foreign currency can have a positive impact on unit values as a result of exchange rate movements.
  • Derivatives can be used to increase potential yields.
  • Potential to achieve above-average dividend income.


  • Equity markets and thus also unit values can experience severe fluctuations in response to market developments. The result can be a fall in the trading price. ESG criteria can restrict the selection of target investments in terms of category and number, sometimes considerably.
  • Investing in assets denominated in a foreign currency can have a negative impact on unit values as a result of exchange rate movements.
  • Where used, derivatives can have a greater negative impact on the fund value than would be the case if the assets were acquired directly. This can affect the fund’s risk profile and volatility (tendency for the price to fluctuate).
  • If dividends are reduced or not paid out at all, this can have a negative impact on investment returns.
  • By hedging currency risks, the fund share value may be adversely affected.

*Performance in the years 2012 to 2022 was simulated using the performance of share class I (LU0831568646) of sub-fund Flossbach von Storch - Dividend. The simulation took account of any differences in remuneration structure. Share class I and share class HT have the same investment policy. Thus, there may be deviations between the redemption price and the NAV up to and including the calendar year of the issue.