Investment Philosophy

Our primary objective is to preserve the assets of our clients and generate attractive long-term returns.We pursue an absolute return strategy. This is why we do not align ourselves to any benchmark. For every investment decision the risk-reward ratio is decisive.



We invest like a prudent business person.

Even if potential profits compensate for the possible risk of loss, we cannot fully avoid risks, but instead understand them as much as possible. In our view, price volatility is not bad. Provided nothing has changed in the assets underlying the company, a lower entry price means lower risk, because it increases expected returns. We think like prudent business people: the profit is in the purchase.


We have confidence in our analyses.

An accurate assessment of potential returns requires an in-depth understanding of one's investments. Each year we conduct over 300 meetings with companies – in Europe, the USA, China, Mexico, Brazil and India. As one of the largest independent asset managers in Germany, Flossbach von Storch now has access to boardrooms of large international companies.


We focus on quality stocks.

Only investments that meet our quality requirements become part of a portfolio at Flossbach von Storch – and only then if the price is right. Specially developed analysis tools help in assessing the value. Investment decisions are made undogmatically. If the stock of a company is too expensive, we may consider its bonds. Our portfolio managers and analysts work in an interdisciplinary manner.

Bert Flossbach

We think long-term.

Investors should have patience, trust and a long-term investment horizon. Our investments are not made for short time frames, because stock exchange moods and associated price fluctuations are too dominant and unpredictable over the short-term, making investment outcomes random. In our view, investors therefore simply have to accept price fluctuations in order to protect their capital and achieve attractive long-term returns.

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