The first step in investing. With Flossbach von Storch.

From saver to investor

The first step is the hardest. And also the most important. Do you remember how you learned to ride a bicycle as a child? When the supporting hand slowly let go. Or your first farewell, your first job interview, your first kiss, a ground-breaking ceremony...The first step has always enriched our lives. When will you take this first step of investing your money?

Three good reasons to choose
Flossbach von Storch – Der erste Schritt

Investment for beginners

The fund aims to provide people with a way out of the zero-interest trap and avoid real asset losses through prudent and experienced investing and broad diversification.

An alternative to zero interest

The fund offers an investment solution focused heavily on bonds, which cleverly combines the strategy with a small equity stake. Taking the first step out of the zero interest trap.

Clear investment decisions

The investment strategy follows a clear world view. The five investment guidelines – diversification, quality, value, solvency and flexibility – provide the principles of the investment strategy.

At first, many do not realise
that inflation is eating up their savings."

- Elmar Peters, Fund Manager

Get into investment now.

Just ask your bank or financial advisor for more information about the "Flossbach von Storch – Der erste Schritt" fund or ISIN LU0952573136.

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"Position" is Flossbach von Storch's free magazine. Find out how the financial markets work – and how to invest your assets in a resilient way.

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