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Why Flossbach von Storch?

Because we want to work together to help more people achieve independence in life by successfully investing their money over the long term – regardless of the amount of money they have. The trust that investors have placed in us for over 20 years is our greatest motivation.

What can you expect at Flossbach von Storch?

Respect is particularly important to us. We treat each other as equals, with respect and openness, because we know we are only successful as a team. We have no room for people with a “dog-eat-dog” mentality or lone warriors. Everyone can get involved and develop individually according to their strengths and abilities, and thus actively contribute to projects, visions, and the progress of our company.


Many different positions – one shared mission.

Opportunities for you at Flossbach von Storch

Our business is based on trust, loyalty, and a sense of responsibility. Our mission is to preserve and grow client assets: whether you are in the middle of your career or at the very beginning, every position counts.

Please note that our job postings on the career portal are currently available only in German. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

We recommend using the translation feature of your browser. Simply right-click anywhere on the page, select "Translate to [Your Language]," and the content will be automatically translated for you.

We appreciate your understanding.


Research, Portfolio Management & Trading

What we do:

We assess existing investments based on our proprietary analysis approach, develop new investment ideas, manage large mutual funds as well as large institutional fund mandates and portfolio mandates. Our traders are responsible for trading in equities, bonds, FX, derivatives, convertible bonds, and gold. Our Research Institute is an independent think tank that deals with the pressing economic issues of our time. It functions as an important, independent interface between theory and practice.

Who we are looking for:

People with a deep passion for the financial markets, strong analytical skills, an enthusiasm for numbers and a desire to work with us to solve even difficult problems.


IT & Project Management

What we do:

We work with functional departments to promote the (digital) transformation of Flossbach von Storch.

Who we are looking for:

People who want to actively shape the (digital) transformation with us. This includes “techies” and developers, as well as project managers and analysts.


Sales & Acquisition

What we do:

We design sales strategies for private, institutional and B2B clients and are responsible for new client acquisition and support.

Who we are looking for:

People who share our passion for our products and are able to explain them simply and in a way that is appropriate for the target group. You should enjoy working as part of a team and in direct contact with the client.


Client Support

What we do:

We are committed to achieving one thing: the satisfaction of our clients and investors. We take care of their needs and concerns.

Who we are looking for:

People who like communicating with others in a pleasant, understanding, and competent manner. You should think in a solution-oriented way and be prepared to go the extra mile for the individual questions, requests, and concerns of our clients.


Regulatory, Legal, Accounting & Reporting

What we do:

We administer accounting, bookkeeping, balancing and payment transactions and prepare reports for our clients, investors, and internal departments. When doing so, we react to regulatory requirements and changes, provide assistance for compliance with applicable laws and coordinate our risk management.

Who we are looking for:

Analytical individuals with a strong affinity for processes and numbers who love to work conscientiously.


Marketing, Communication & HR

What we do:

We take care of our entire public presence, both digitally and in the press and social media. Through content and offers, we want to draw the attention of clients and new employees to us and inspire them with lasting enthusiasm.

Who we are looking for:

People who are passionate about communicating and interacting with others. This ranges from writers and designers to product and technical experts all the way to dedicated HR employees.


Support & Service

What we do:

We can only be successful if our background processes (e.g. in client service) function in a highly professional manner and create added value for our private and institutional clients and employees.

Who we are looking for:

People who value client orientation and high process quality and enjoy providing service.


Unsolicited application

Do you think you would be a good fit for us, but there is nothing currently available for you? Simply send us an application and we will check whether and how we can work together.


Apply now How it works

  • Application phase

    Application phase

    You use our application tool to submit your application documents and receive a confirmation that we have received your documents.
  • Selection phase

    Selection phase

    If we like your application, we will contact you no later than three weeks after receiving your application to arrange an initial interview.
  • Interview phase I

    Interview phase I

    In the first interview, you will get to know us and the job. Here you will meet your potential manager and a member of our recruiting team. If the interview goes well, we will ask you to complete a short online assessment. You will then receive feedback on the assessment in the second round of interviews.
  • Interview phase II

    Interview phase II

    In the second interview, you will meet up to five other members from our departments. This way you can get to know us better and we can get to know you better.
  • Decision


    If everything has gone well, you will find out shortly after the second interview. Your individual induction will then start about four weeks before you join us.
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