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Flossbach von Storch

It is more than just about the money

The freedom to shape your life based on your own desires.

What drives us

It is more than just about the money: The freedom to shape your life based on your own desires.

To have no financial worries in old age. Being able to give the children a good education. Going on a big trip. Having more time. Being able to help others.Freedom has many facets.

And that is where we come in. We act consistently and independently. Always keeping the prosperity of our clients and investors in mind. Because prosperity creates freedom.

We want to meet the expectations of our clients and investors. Protecting their assets and increasing them over the long term. This is how we measure ourselves.

We explain what we do. We tell you what we won’t do. We do not promise what we cannot deliver. We are not infallible, but we are aware of that. 

We have our own investment philosophy. Established guidelines – tried and tested in numerous crises.


How it all started


Bert Flossbach and Kurt von Storch co-founded the Flossbach von Storch asset management company in 1998. Their main concern was to manage their clients’ assets the same way they would manage their own. 

Today, many years and several stock-market crises later, Flossbach von Storch has more than 300 employees and manages more than EUR 70 billion in assets. In addition to private clients, our clients also include institutional investors, large insurance companies and pension funds, as well as many fund and pension savers.

A large part of the assets entrusted to us today are apportioned to mutual funds, in particular Flossbach von Storch - Multiple Opportunities. Over a million investors across Europe are investing in this strategy, including its founders, their families, company employees, friends and acquaintances. Their interests are those of the investors — and vice versa.



Achieving long-term success requires independence, both in thought and in action, which means forming your own opinion rather than blindly following the judgement of others. It's no coincidence that Flossbach von Storch is headquartered in Cologne, far away from Germany's financial centres. Sometimes maintaining a critical distance helps you avoid missing the forest for the trees.

This is precisely the critical attitude that we have adopted — and that our employees should adopt too. Ideas will only blossom if they are given space to grow and the means to be cultivated. Promoting and nurturing this open corporate culture is how we have built such a strong team in recent years.


Milestones in the company’s history

Flossbach von Storch 2023


Flossbach von Storch is one of the leading independent asset managers in Europe, has more than 300 employees and manages more than EUR 70 billion in assets.


Additions to the Management Board: Dr. Tobias Schafföner, Dr. Till Schmidt and Marcus Stollenwerk move up. Dirk von Velsen resigns at his own request.


Flossbach von Storch ONE provides direct, digital access to fund-based asset management.


Flossbach von Storch has more than EUR 50 billion under management for the first time. More than 260 employees take care of client assets.


After opening in Luxembourg in 2012, Flossbach von Storch now opens offices in Milan and Madrid.


The assets under management from Flossbach von Storch AG rise above the EUR 25 billion mark for the first time.


The Flossbach von Storch Research Institute is established as an independent think tank to deal with the major economic issues of the time, such as the long-term consequences of central bank policy. Prof Dr Thomas Mayer is the Founding Director and Head of the Institute


Flossbach von Storch Invest S.A. is established as a stock corporation under Luxembourg law. As a subsidiary of the AG, it assumes administrative management of the mutual and special funds. The institutional asset management area was created in the company. Today, clients also include pension funds and insurance companies.


The number of employees increases to 50 and the company occupies its new premises in the KölnTriangle building in the Deutz district.


The first employee is hired for fund distribution. The mutual fund business becomes increasingly important for the company in subsequent years.


Dirk von Velsen joins the Executive Board and begins working with the two co-founders to promote the growth of the company.


Flossbach von Storch SICAV – Multiple Opportunities, affectionately referred to as “MOF” in the company, is launched. Flossbach von Storch – Multiple Opportunities II, which has the same portfolio, but unlike the SICAV variant is available throughout Europe, followed in 2013. Although the MOF was originally intended primarily for the co-founders and their families, it is now one of the company’s biggest mutual funds and, if one takes both variants together, one of the biggest funds in Europe.


For the first time in the history of the still young company, Flossbach von Storch AG has more than EUR one billion in assets under management. The team now has 11 employees.

Company founded


Dr Bert Flossbach and Kurt von Storch establish Flossbach von Storch AG in Cologne, initially as a traditional asset manager for private clients. The company started with four employees.

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