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Social engagement

Our heart beats to the rhythm of Cologne

As a company and employer, we are firmly rooted in Cologne. This is shown by our social engagement. We support initiatives, associations and entrepreneurial projects in Cologne and the region that promote people culturally and socially in sport, music, the arts, and education, thereby building bridges.

Flossbach von Storch is a part of Cologne – and Cologne is a part of Flossbach von Storch. We also take responsibility for our surrounding community by supporting local initiatives, associations, and entrepreneurial projects.

Kurt von Storch, Co-Founder and Owner of Flossbach von Storch AG

More than money

One thing is especially important to us: we are not only committed financially, but also personally, through the dedication of our Executive Board members and employees. In short, we combine financial commitment with a broad range of company activities and volunteer initiatives.

We put our heart and soul into everything we do as part of our social engagement, with the aim of improving – at least a little bit – the living conditions of the people around us, who we treat with respect as equals.


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