Flossbach von Storch - Der erste Schritt RT

Authorised for distribution:AT, CH, DE, ES, LI, LU
Fund type / legal structure:UCITS / FCP
Fund currency:EUR
Launch date:10 February 2021
Financial year end:30 September
Income utilisation:Accumulating
Management company:Flossbach von Storch Invest S.A.
Custodian bank / Paying agent:DZ PRIVATBANK S.A.
Manager:Flossbach von Storch AG
Data from:4 March 2021
Fund assets:480,170,483.95 EUR
NIW:98.96 EUR
Redemption price:98.96 EUR
Issue price*:99.95 EUR
Ongoing charges:0.55%
which includes a management fee of:0.83%
Performance fee:
Issue surcharge:up to 1.00%

* incl. max. issue surcharge 1.00%

Source: Custodian bank / Paying agent

In accordance with regulatory requirements, we are not permitted to provide performance figures for this fund, as it has been active for less than a year.

Historic Prices

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  • Participate in global bond market growth.
  • Income can be generated from regular interest payments.
  • Active interest rate, currency and risk management (e.g. from the use of derivatives).
  • Risk is broadly diversified by investing in a range of asset classes (e.g. equities, bonds, convertible bonds etc.) Market potential can be exploited by investing across a wide range.


  • The securities in which the Management Company invests the sub-fund assets present opportunities for gain but also the possibility of risk. If a sub-fund invests directly or indirectly in securities and other assets, it is subject to many general trends and tendencies, which are sometimes attributable to irrational factors on the markets particularly on the securities markets. Losses can occur when the market value of the assets decreases as against the cost price. If a unitholder sells units of the sub-fund at a time at which the value of assets in the sub-fund has decreased compared with the time of the unit purchase, he will not receive the full amount he has invested in the sub-fund. Despite the fact that each sub-fund aspires constant growth, this cannot be guaranteed.
  • Country, credit and issuer liquidity risk. Also potential exchange rate risks. If securities are illiquid (i.e. thinly traded), there is a risk that it may either not be possible to sell the assets at all or only by accepting a significant discount on the sale price.
  • Investing in bonds may entail price risks, especially in case of rising interest rates on the capital markets.
  • Where used, derivatives can have a greater negative impact on the fund value than would be the case if the assets were acquired directly. This can affect the fund's risk profile and volatility (tendency for the price to fluctuate).

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