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Success for institutional investors

Institutional asset management

We have been developing investment concepts for institutional investors for more than 20 years. They are an integral part of our range of services.

EUR 14 billion and more than 70 special funds

Our institutional clients – i.e. insurance companies, pension funds, professional pension funds, financial institutions, associations, church investors and foundations – each have different, very specific investment requirements. Our approach is to implement these requirements in the best possible way to achieve the investment objectives of each client in the long term.

Our core expertise is in the areas of global multi-asset mandates with active asset allocation, equity and bond strategies, capital preservation concepts and private equity.

On an administrative level, we work together with all leading German and international capital management companies and depositaries.


Our investment strategies - as individual as our clients

Institutional investment decisions must be carefully considered. They are based on solid foundations, mutual trust, and personal contact. And that is what you get with us.


Our principles for investing robustly

How we invest

We always invest your capital in accordance with five principles that have proven their value to us over the years: diversification, quality, flexibility, solvency, and value. Together they form the Flossbach von Storch Pentagram, an “economic moat” for the capital entrusted to us. This reduces the risk of permanent losses in value and creates the foundation for generating attractive long-term returns for you.


Our services

Customer-centric, transparent and accessible

As trustees, we are responsible for the assets entrusted to us in the same way that our institutional clients have a responsibility towards their customers. Our motivation is to meet their objectives, whether in terms of returns, portfolio stability or regular distributions.

Trust in our multi-asset approach or define your allocation in asset class-specific strategies.

Individual mandates and special fund solutions

Our range of services includes individual asset management mandates without CMC structures and special fund solutions where we work together with leading service providers.

We take into account relevant regulatory requirements such as the VAG (Versicherungsaufsichtsgesetz — German Insurance Supervision Act) and AnlV (Anlageverordnung — German Investment Ordinance) and implement sustainability requirements, for instance through exclusion lists and consistent ESG integration.


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